Screenshots taken from So Many Euros

On this page you will find screenshots showing the main features of So Many Euros. Please click on any picture to see a full size image. If you want to have a look at the program yourself, try installing the free test version.

Overview Page

Overview page with a heat map based on your collection and statistics for your collection:

So Many Euros Screenshot

Country Pages

Example for a country page with coins and information about mintage numbers in the detail area:

So Many Euros Screenshot

Denominations Pages

As an example the page for 2 Euro commemorative coins, including motif descriptions in the detail area:

So Many Euros Screenshot


The search page offers a comfortable way to search for coins using free text search or predefined filters:

So Many Euros Screenshot


Offer or search lists can be created. Here is an example of a search list:

So Many Euros Screenshot

Configuration Options

You can customize the program for the needs of your collection by using the various configuration options:

So Many Euros Screenshot